Zn production by distillation

Complete line of Zn distillation

It is a complete line that produces Zn of purity 98.5% Zn. The line consists of distillation furnace, condensing system, suction and distribution duct, fan, Zn casting molds with a capacity of 20 kg or 500 kg. The production capacity is about 35-40 tons/month. Graphite retorts are used for both distillation and condensation.

Zn production furnace

The Zn production furnace is an advanced furnace with an estimated production of between 35 and 40 tons/month.
For distillation, methane gas or liquid fuel is used as a heat exchanger. The furnace has a metallic sheath, a ceramic refractory sheath and a graphite distillation retort. The connection to the condensing equipment is completed through a graphite cylindrical tube.

Tilting melting furnace

Melting of Zn-rich residues (yeasts, granules) for liquid transfer to Zn production furnaces. It is an independent working furnace capable of serving one or more Zn production furnaces by means of a transfer pot or directly.
ADVANTAGES: The tilting capacity offers a wide range of masses for loading the furnace. Well-suited to the Zn production furnace, it can increase its production capacity by about 20%.

Transfer equipment for liquid metal

The equipment consists of:

• Metal positioning system
• Tilting metallic element
• Graphite bead crucible
The equipment transfers liquid zinc between the melting furnace and the Zno production furnace.