Transfer equipment for liquid metal

The equipment consists of:

• Metal positioning system
• Tilting metallic element
• Graphite bead crucible
The equipment transfers liquid zinc between the melting furnace and the ZnO production furnace.

Tilting melting furnace

Melting Zn-rich residues (yeasts, granules) for liquid transfer to ZnO production furnaces. It is an independent furnace, capable of serving one or more ZnO production furnaces by means of a transfer pot or directly.
ADVANTAGES: The tilting capacity offers a wide range of masses for loading the furnace. Well-suited to the ZnO production furnace, it can increase its production capacity by about 20%.

ZnO production furnace

The production furnace for ZnO is a high-performance furnace with an estimated production of between 40 and 50 tons/month. The furnace can also be used for the distillation of zinc dross in order to obtain Zinc 98.5%.

Complete line for the ZnO production

It is a complete line that produces ZnO through the “French method”. It consists of oxidation furnace, suction and distribution duct, fan, filter and cyclone, zinc ash melting furnace. The plant produces Zinc Oxide of different purity, depending on the operating cycles, with a production capacity of 40~50 tons/month.